Melt Banana whips the Entry into a frenzy

Daniel Corrigan

Better Than: Caffeine at your workplace after a taxing all-nighter.

To a packed house crackling with energy, noisy Japanese art-punks Melt Banana took the stage and tore into their set without introduction. Soon bodies were flailing and flying into each other to the beat of rapid fire rhythmic twists and turns.

Screeching and ricocheting their way through a franticly-paced set, the band covered a majority of their new album

Bambi's Dilemma

along with a sampling of older material. Guitar mastermind Agata kept mum with his customary white surgical mask taped across his face. Singer Yasuko O, towering a bit in her 3" platform sneaks, acted as the band's onstage voice. Yasuko paused at one point to introduce "Hair-cat ('Cause the wolf is a cat!')," a song written for an episode of the Adult Swim cartoon

Perfect Hair Forever

. Later she acknowledged an overly enthusiastic fan shouting, "I love you," in Japanese. She quickly translated for the crowd, responded in kind, and then announced that the band would perform a quick showcase of five short songs. Incredibly, the band stirred the crowd into a dancing frenzy even with songs as short as ten to fifteen seconds. Throughout the show wild fracases of testosterone whipped up in the crowd creating what weren't exactly mosh pits, but whirling nests of spazz-dancing bodies randomly striking each other. While the band was barreling off the tracks of "Heiwaboke Crisis," one desperate audience member repeatedly reached up and clung to the speaker overhead to keep his body from being knocked under the melee engulfing him.

Personal Bias: I've never heard a melody more beautiful than the sound of feedback.

Random Detail: The pavement outside was a gory mess after the show, a splatter of flax yellow vomit right next to a disgustingly copious spray of blood at least six feet wide.

By the way: I probably saw more musicians in attendance at this show than I've ever seen in the Entry at one time.

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