Introducing the City Pages Media Taster

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - January 31, 2007 - City Pages, the news and arts weekly of the Twin Cities, and InRadio, creator of the Intelligent Media Platform (imp) - software that helps organizations form closer connections with their audiences through multimedia experiences - released the brand new City Pages Media Taster today.

The City Pages Media Taster is free to download at and will automatically deliver Media Tasters (compilations) directly to users. Each Media Taster comes packed with free music, movies, podcasts, interviews, and much more. When City Pages Media Taster subscribers read about an album or movie in City Pages, they will also be able to listen to that music and watch trailers to those movies on their own computer at any time they like. Users who download the City Pages Media Taster can also select any number of free Media Tasters from other local organizations and begin receiving more free media automatically.

"It used to be a problem reading a review of a new artist that you wanted to check out, but then what? You put them on a list of albums to buy? Maybe you try to find a sample on the Internet somewhere? imp is a creative solution to that problem," says Mark Bartel, publisher of City Pages. "The City Pages Media Tasters will contain all that media, in one place, automatically delivered to our readers. They can hear music clips and view film trailers related to City Pages content."

"City Pages is the ideal organization for imp to work with. They have a large, loyal, active audience that trusts them as an editorial lens and wants them to act as a 'media filter' that introduces them to exciting new content," says Dan Carroll, CEO of InRadio. "They've been an instrumental part of our development and their feedback has been invaluable. The City Pages Media Taster is an exciting and useful new tool for City Pages readers as well as the greater Twin Cities community."

The City Pages Media Taster and imp are supported by SNOCAP, the massive digital music library founded by Shawn Fanning of Napster. Media Tasters will be a new tool for Twin Cities residents who like to stay abreast of emerging media and local events and at the same time, care about consuming media fairly. Artists and labels that register their music with imp set their own prices, set their own rights, and receive one of the Internet's highest payouts on everything they sell. For more information on imp, go to

Click here to check out the City Pages Media Taster for yourself.

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