Anatomy of a Hockey Fight

Nick Vlcek

On March 22, the Boogeyman dropped the gloves with D.J. King at the Xcel Energy Center, and City Pages art director Nick Vlcek was there to photograph every punch.

1. The Boogeyman rides the pine, waiting for a challenger.

2. Once on the ice, the Boogeyman looks to Coach Jacques Lemaire for the go-ahead.

3. D.J. King chirps at Boogeyman on the faceoff. Everybody knows the fight is going to happen.

4. The Boogeyman grabs King's sweater and starts "going for it," knocking off King's helmet.

5. The Boogeyman drops the hammer.

6. They're still fighting—the marathon bout took the combatants halfway across the ice.

7. The Boogeyman sits in the penalty box, icing his bruised hand, his reward for a job well done.

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