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Michele Bachmann: A history of crazy, homophobia, and lies

Michele Bachmann's rise to infamy from Minnesota's 6th congressional district all the way to Washington has been a long, crazy road. Bachmann's penchant for consistent lies earned her awards for being un-fact checkable while she battled against Obamacare, HPV vaccinations, and just plain common sense. Bachmann and her husband Marcus's anti-gay crusade filled with homophobia and ex-gay therapy have also earned the couple negative press, eye-rolls, and ridicule alike.

Even though Bachmann just announced she won't run for her Congressional seat again in 2014, we have a feeling this isn't the last we've heard of ol' crazy eyes. Check out our extensive coverage of the never-ending Michele Bachmann saga in the links below.

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  1. Marcus Bachmann backs down on $150 no-show fee for activist who infiltrated clinic
    Marcus Bachmann has given up on his quest to collect a $150 no-show fee from an activist who infiltrated his clinic with hidden cameras earlier this year.
  2. Michele Bachmann falls from grace
    From top GOP contender to bottom of the barrel
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