Totally 90s Third Thursday at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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The '90s were so great, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts wanted to travel back in time to show off some of the decade's greatest. Last week's blizzard put the event on temporary hiatus, but that didn't stop the crowd from showing off their dance moves this week with nostalgic tunes from the era. Guests also took a stab at '90s trivia, honed in on their cassette case decorating skills, and enjoyed Summit beer at the bar. PHOTOS BY DIANA ALBRECHT on February 27, 2014

Published on February 28, 2014

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Doesn't look like these scenesters have quite figured out how they are going to revive that "90s look".  Seeing a lot of commendable efforts but I'm definitely not buying it. No Cross Colors, no grunge, none of those fucking ubiquitous Eastland leather booties, no "bucket" hats, no Starter jackets, no goth. Are they even trying?

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