Tibet Kitchen: The tour

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From the menu, Tibet Kitchen seems like a pan-Asian restaurant, with dishes like Thai-style red curry or Vietnamese basil beef. But where Tibet Kitchen really shines, unsurprisingly, is in the handful of Tibetan dishes on the menu. The signature dish is the momos, and they were the best thing we had on the menu--shiny little steamed dumplings filled with a mixture of ground meat and vegetables. The house salad was addictive and well-balanced, a combination of spicy pickled carrots and cabbage cut into long, floppy ribbons and coated with chili paste. The thenthuk noodles were a pho-like dish in a golden broth with big, flat pieces of chicken and lots of ginger. The shapta was also a hit, a chewy beef dish you eat with your hands using pieces of slightly spongy steamed bread. PHOTOS BY ALMA GUZMAN. Tibet Kitchen: 1833 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.872.8663; tibet-kitchen.com

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Published on March 27, 2012

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