The Kenwood: The Tour

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The warm, inviting Kenwood exemplifies what can happen when an old pro - in this case, award-winning chef Don Saunders - combines his classical French training with a willing ear and an open heart. Saunders asked many his neighbors what they were looking for in a restaurant. What results is a restaurant that's equal parts beloved neighborhood cafe and impressive destination dining. It's open all day (including a daily brunch!), and you can order off of any meal's menu with confidence. You'll find dishes like beet salad, cured salmon Benedict, a terrific namesake burger made with Limousin beef, a buttery skate with cauliflower, local beer, and hard-to-find wines. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES.

The Kenwood
2115 W. 21st St., Minneapolis

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Published on October 9, 2012

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