Show Us Yer 'Stache 3: Mustached men of Movember 2012

Ah, Movember, that magical time of year when mustaches reign supreme over the clean-shaven to help raise awareness about men's health issues.

In keeping with our tradition, we've called upon the mustachioed masses to send a shot of their mug (and especially their mo!) for our third-annual Show Us Yer 'Stache contest. We've narrowed the field of marvelous mustaches to just 10 (in random order here), and now we need your help.

Take a gander at all our entries here, and don't forget to vote for the grandest 'stache of them all at the link below.

Show Us Yer 'Stache 2012: VOTE for your favorite mustache now

Mustaches of years past:

Show Us Yer 'Stache: The entries!

Show Us Yer 'Stache 2: Mustached men of Movember

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