Polar Plunge 2014 at Lake Calhoun

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Minneapolis Polar Plunge took place at Thomas Beach at Lake Calhoun where folks got to watch people decked out in costumes jump into the icy lake water. The event is presented by law enforcement to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota. PHOTOS BY BRIDGET BENNETT on March 1, 2014

Published on March 3, 2014

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ajlalk3 topcommenter

I bet 90% of the people who do these Polar Plunge events only do them so they can put pictures of it up on Facebook or Instagram. If they banned cameras at these events, and made it solely about raising money for whatever cause it is, the turnout would be much, much lower.


@ajlalk3  Does that take away from the money they raised for the event? 


@ajlalk3 SMH... people have been doing these for decades, long before the social media boom. Do your research.

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