Minnesota RollerGirls duke it out at the 2014 semi-finals

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Saturday was semi-finals night for the four teams that make up the Minnesota RollerGirls. They faced off in two hard-hitting bouts at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. The Garda Belts beat the Dagger Dolls 152-84, and the Atomic Bombshells topped the Rockits 182-96. The Belts will face off against the Bombshells on April 19 for the coveted Golden Skate trophy and the title of Season 10 Champions. The Dweebs rocked the half time and the pre-game bout involved the very talented North East Roller Derby Youth (NERDy) League. Photos by RYAN SIVERSON on March 8, 2014

Published on March 9, 2014

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These could use some captions.   What happened to the older man in tweed and what is up with the crazy high jumps?  That in game?


@ficuscr  Ok, so here we go…

The older gentleman was getting a black eye and put on, and a temporary tattoo on his forehead. 

The high jumping is a contest that was being played before everything kicked off. The skaters were seeing how much of the apex of the track they could jump.

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