Lingerie for pregnant women fashion show

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Jeff Shaw

Of the seven models, Meamarie Yang of St. Paul was the only one actually pregnant.

Minnesota-based Whoa Mamma! is one of just four companies worldwide to produce lingerie aimed at the maternity market. On Sunday, June 1, they held their first ever fashion show at the View Restaurant and Bar. Read the full report by Jeff Shaw.

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When a fast-fashion chain  announced this month that they were rolling out a maternity line in five states—three of which have the highest teen pregnency rates in the country—they were accused of what has become a common charge: glamorizing  teen pregnency. Like Juno, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Katherine Heigl's character in Knocked Up before them, Bristol Palin, 16 and Pregnant, and The Secret Life of the American Teenagerhave all faced criticism for promoting a deceptively attractive view of teenage motherhood. Have the baby, their implicit argument seems to go, and you can still look cute, have a career, and maybe even marry the father of your child.


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