Lightning & Thunder CD release: Show us your best dance moves

The Fine Music Cafe hosted an incredibly diverse crowd this weekend for the Lightning and Thunder Vol. 2 album release party. The lineup featured St. Paul Slim, Diamond Don, Omaur Bliss, The Reef, Cadillac VS. Cornbread (feat. Samahra of Black Blondie), Kanser, Maria Isa, Trama, Unicus, Yoni, Don Xaba, Pee Wee Dread, Backup Plomo, The Kamillion, M.anifest, Baraka, Prince Jabba, Guante, Waltah PPK, Lynval Jackson and the Lightning and Thunder Band. With musical talent like this, you couldn't help but get down. We caught the best dances moves of the night, on and off stage. PHOTOS BY B FRESH PHOTOGRAPHY on Dec. 19, 2009

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