Left Handed Cook: The Tour

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At the Midtown Global Market's newest stall, the Left Handed Cook, the chef may be a southpaw, but lefties and righties will all enjoy the food. Chef Thomas Kim and partner Kat Melgaard serve uncommonly good Asian comfort food. The menu is divided into Shares (small plates), Bop Bowls (a mishmash of kimchi, veggies, and poached egg over rice), sandwiches, and entrees, and you get quite a bit of food for your money. Sandwiches use glossy buns from nearby Salty Tart, and two are killer: the hoisin barbecue and the soft-shell crab. Likewise, the ma porc belle and the bok bok chicken Bop Bowls went over well. The best of the small plates was the Brussels sprouts, mixed with sweet bits of orange, mint, bacon, almonds, and Grana Padano cheese. PHOTOS BY E. KATIE HOLM.

The Left Handed Cook
at Midtown Global Market
920 E. Lake St., Suite 124, Minneapolis
612.208.0428; www.facebook.com/TheLeftHandedCook

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Published on June 12, 2012

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