Kyatchi: The Tour

Baseball and sushi might go together in our minds like, well, hot dogs and sushi, but don’t let the unlikely pair deter you: When you go to the new sushi spot Kyatchi, order a hot dog. Specifically, order the House Dog, a long and thin spicy, snappy sausage made by Peterson Limousin Farms that is topped with a salad of raw carrots, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes, all cut into miniscule cubes, and finished with a squiggle of the all-important Kewpie mayo, a tart, pale yellow Japanese mayonnaise. Of course, also check out the sushi, which is not what you’d expect, or at least not what we, as Americans living in a gilded age of cheap, accessible, anything-goes sushi, expect in a hand roll. There’s no eel sauce, no tempura-fried business, and no spicy tuna in sight. The special rolls are simple and tend to highlight a single ingredient; the majority are actually vegetarian, such as the pickled plum with shiso leaf, the avocado, or the marinated calabash squash. In the tradition of Izakaya, Kyatchi also offers some snack-sized small plates. Try the subtle nearly-raw chopped scallops dressed with faintly floral yuzu and crisp microgreens. With some fine-tuning, this could be the new go-to spot for responsible, sustainable sushi and seafood, or for hotdogs and happy hour. Or both. PHOTOS BY ALMA GUZMAN

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3758 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

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