JJ's Coffee and Wine Bistro

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The sleek decor, sunny patio, and lakeside setting may give the impression that JJ's Coffee & Wine Bistro is trying to compete with upscale Uptown hot spots like Barbette and Lucia's. But in fact the food plays a supporting role--more "coffee shop standards" than "European bistro." That's not necessarily a bad thing. JJ's dishes aren't fancy - crispy flatbread and lavosh pizzas, shrimp cocktail, mini-meatballs - but the place makes a good first impression. The lengthy drink menu is designed to help you discover a new wine or beer. Because JJ's doesn't have a full liquor license, it compensates with several sake-based cocktails - and there are few places in town where they are as well mixed or delicious as at JJ's. PHOTOS BY E. KATIE HOLM.

JJ's Coffee & Wine Bistro
1806 W. Lake St., Minneapolis
612.522.8000; jjscoffeecompany.com

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Published on August 7, 2012

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