Jack's Cafe: The tour

Chef Kevin Kathman has an impeccable pedigree, having worked under Thomas Keller at the Michelin three-star French Laundry in California and locally at Barbette. Now he's running Jack's Cafe in South Minneapolis, serving eclectic and highly refined American food featuring pure, clean flavors and an almost clinical attention to texture. Try the bite-sized menu, with small dishes like a leek soup shooter or raw scallops with a crunchy taro root chip. Other hits were a rustic terrine of rabbit, single baked oyster with spicy chorizo, pot roast, and an exemplary cheeseburger, the most popular item on the menu. PHOTOS BY EMILY UTNE. Jack’s Cafe: 818 W. 46th St., Minneapolis, 612.825.2183; jacksmpls.com. Read the review.

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