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  • Amon Tobin at the Orpheum, 9/6/12
    ISAM 2.0 is Amon Tobin's second tour featuring his elaborate stage display & groundbreaking electronic music. The sculptural/video installation was breathtaking; the majority of audience members sat in a quiet awe throughout the entirety of the set. A moody opening set from Holy Other was a...
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  • Fabulous Fashion's Night Out Twin Cities Fashionistas
    Fashion's Night Out, the nation wide Fall Fashion promotional event, spread out across the area Thursday night with glamorous runway shows, special sales and all around festive atmosphere. Pictured here are events at Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Sacs, Arrow, Martin Patrick 3, C'est Chic Boutique, and...
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  • Awesome People at Crave's Communion Party
    DJs Jay Tappe, Dustin Zahn, and Centriffic celebrate the end of summer on the Crave rooftop patio for Communion. PHOTOS BY DAVID ECKBLAD on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012.
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  • Tanpopo Noodle Shop: The Tour
    If you frequent Lowertown St. Paul and still haven’t visited Tanpopo Noodle Shop, you’re missing out on a local paragon of Japanese cuisine. Though you can get any of Tanpopo’s soothing, filling, soul-satisfying noodle soups with udon noodles (thick, chewy, and made mostly of wheat flour), try...
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  • Lucia's to Go: The Tour
    Lucia's to Go is the takeout little sister to Lucia's, the esteemed bastion of local and seasonal cooking. The to-go side features lots of fresh and affordable options. If you can avoid the temptation to make a meal of the cookies, bars, and cupcakes, try the light and delectable options such...
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  • Carnage the Executioner
    Carnage the Executioner, one of Minnesota's great overlooked musical talents, has led a troubled, often tumultuous life--a story he chronicles on his new album, Respect the Name, and opens up to City Pages about in this week's feature story. Here we've collected photos of him from over the...
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  • The Nerdery: The Tour
    The Nerdery is a geek’s dream come true: in interactive media development company whose offices and business model are designed to maximize employees' freedom and flexibility. PHOTOS BY JAYME HALBRITTER on Friday, August 17, 2012. The Nerdery geeks out with fun at work
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  • Journey and Loverboy at the State Fair, 9/1/12
    The 80's were alive at the State Fair on a gorgeous Saturday night as the revived Journey brought out the the hits and an energetic stage show to a sold out grandstand along with Pat Benatar (not pictured here due to a restrictive photo policy) and Loverboy. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on September...
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  • MN Music On-a-Stick at the 2012 State Fair
    89.3 The Current presented Music On-a-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand featuring Semisonic, The Jayhawks, Dessa, Jeremy Messersmith & Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles. PHOTOS BY STEVEN COHEN on August 31, 2012.
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  • Transmission at the Varsity, 8/29/12
    Jake Rudh is back at Varsity Theater for Transmission's once-monthly theme night. This night was dedicated to the soundtracks of John Hughes' movies. PHOTOS BY DAVID ECKBLAD on August 29th, 2012
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  • Eight delicious bacon dishes in the Twin Cities
    In honor of International Bacon Day on September 1, 2012, we've compiled some of the yummiest-looking bacon found in the Twin Cities.
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  • Awesome August 2012 Photos
    August brought sweltering weather to Minnesota, but that didn't stop anyone from getting outside and having a good time.
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