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  • Pig Ate My Pizza: The tour
    Pig Ate My Pizza is totally Midwest, and that means pork is everywhere. It’s in the piggy tchotchkes that line the walls; it’s in the cheeky names of dishes like hog tots (amazing little softly fried croquettes of ham, cheese, and potato with creamy whole grain mustard for dipping); and, most...
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  • Brooklyn Brewery MASH 2013
    Brooklyn Brewery teamed up with several Twin Cities chefs during their national MASH tour, combining haute cuisine with craft beer for sensational tastings around the metro. One of the week's highlights came during the Slow Supper with Sea Change's Jamie Malone hosted by the Soap Factory....
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  • Fall Out Boy at Myth, 6/26/13
    Recently reformed Illinois rockers Fall Out Boy packed the Myth in Maplewood with thousands of faithful fans for a sold out show on Wednesday night. New Politics opened. PHOTOS BY ERIK HESS on June 26, 2013
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  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs at First Avenue, 6/24/13
    All eyes were on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs iconic front woman Karen O as she sang, danced, spun, shrieked, crawled and in every way, mesmerized the packed-to-the-rafters crowd at First Avenue Monday night. The band, playing a now rare club gig, was in stellar form, touring in support of their...
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  • Electric Daisy Carnival 2013: Out With a Bang
    Electric Daisy Carnival came to a close on Sunday with performances by Kill the Noise, Clockworks, Rusko and more, and on the last day of the festival, fans gave it all they had.All photos by CuriousJosh. See also: - Electric Daisy Carnival 2013: Scene and Be Seen - Electric Daisy Carnival...
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  • Open Streets Minneapolis 2013: People and Scenes
    People took to the streets in Minneapolis this weekend, celebrating the somewhat-sunny weather during Open Streets with yoga, skateboarding, delicious food, and more. PHOTOS BY ATHENA FELDSHON on June 23, 2013
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  • Wrestlepalooza 2013: People and scenes
    Wrestlepalooza invaded First Avenue again this year, bringing a rowdy bunch of folks to the venue for a night of booze, music, burlesque, and (yes) wrestling. PHOTOS BY ATHENA FELDSHON on June 21, 2013
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  • D'Angelo and ?uestlove at First Avenue, 6/23/13
    D'Angelo and ?uestlove brought "Brothers In Arms - A Two Man Show" to First Avenue. PHOTOS BY STEVEN COHEN ON JUNE 23, 2003
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  • 10 Thousand Sounds Festival 2013: People and Scenes
    City Pages' inaugural 10 Thousand Sounds Festival went off without a hitch on Saturday, thanks to the many sponsors, exhibitors, and local music fans in attendance. PHOTOS BY ANNA GULBRANDSEN on June 22, 2013
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  • 10 Thousand Sounds Festival 2013: Backstage
    The clouds parted, turning the 1st Annual 10,000 Sounds Festival into a fantastic summer day in downtown Minneapolis. Backstage, performers chilled, the Mayor showed up and a good time was had by all. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on June 22, 2013
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  • 10 Thousand Sounds Festival 2013: The music
    City Pages inaugural music festival kicked off the summer with an outstanding lineup hosted by the Chalice including Prissy Clerks, Strange Names, Greg Grease, Free Energy, and the Walkmen. PHOTOS BY ERIK HESS on June 22, 2013
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  • Sea Life scores new underwater creatures
    Sea Life, the giant aquarium at Mall of America on Friday, became home for several new fish that were transferred from a Dallas aquarium under the supervision of team leader Carly Burns. Among them were two Southern Sting Rays, two large Brown Sharks and several Jack Fish that all had to be...
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