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  • Club shots: Illuminous 3 CD Release Party
    Hip-hop fans across the Twin Cities gathered at First Ave last week for the Illuminous 3 CD Release party and it was definitely a par-TAY. PHOTOS BY B FRESH PHOTOGRAPHY
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  • Will Smith greets freezing fans at 7 Pounds premiere
    It was a madhouse outside Southdale's AMC on Friday as fans clung to the railings along the frozen red carpet for a glimpse of the Fresh Prince himself, who was there for a charity screening of his new movie, 7 Pounds. PHOTOS BY NECESSARY EXPOSURE
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  • Top 10 Most Awesome Holiday Tributes Ever
    Sure, the economy sucks, people are losing jobs and the new Harry Potter movie doesn't come out until this summer. But it's the holiday season! The time of year when every musician, TV show and liquor brand puts on a festive hat and celebrates by releasing some sweet-ass holiday themed...
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  • Black Crowes descend on First Avenue
    Check out pics from last night's show and see if Chris Robinson wore tight pants. PHOTOS BY DAN CORRIGAN
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  • Oasis in boring Minneapolis
    Oasis wrote in their blog that they were off to pure boredom in the "middle of nowhere"... and maybe that's what it felt like inside the Target Center for their show. Maybe? PHOTOS BY STEVE COHEN
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  • He Sees You When You're Sleeping: 10 Scary-Ass Santas
    You're cozying up next to the fire, snuggled in an oversized sweater with a big mug of hot chocolate, when you hear a thump against the roof. What could that be? Then footsteps moving closer to the chimney. Your pulse quickens, adrenaline coursing through your bloodstream. The rustling of...
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