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  • DJ Klever makes socks sweaty at 7th Street Entry Scion show
    That's what he told us would be the best compliment, so we're servin' it up. PHOTOS BY WES FOR BURLESQUE OF NORTH AMERICA on June 2, 2009
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  • 10 Worst Celebrity Side Projects
    If you're rich and famous and have nothing better to do, why not start your own line of power tools or eyelash-enhancing mascara? But sometimes these celebrity side projects go horribly, horribly wrong.
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  • Gallery2Go: Chris Larson's Deep North at Chambers
    The works of Chris Larson project a peaceful stillness. A frozen waterfall forms on a toilet paper roll and a TV protrudes from a white avalanche. An eight-minute film demonstrates how these bizarrely sunny, picturesque images were created. Wood sculptures painted white are birthed from casts...
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  • Club shots: School's Out Forever (Santigold afterparty)
    Santi was in rare form and afterwards at the Bedlam, dancing like a maniac was most definitely the norm. PHOTOS BY REBECCA MCDONALD
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  • Cute chicks with horrible hair
    We like cute, fashionable ladies as much as the next site, but sometimes the mop on top just goes way wrong. So think of this not as slamming the unfortunate victims of contemporary fashion, but as a public service: Take note and please try not to commit these fashion crimes.
    20 images
  • Best of CP Photobooth: May 2009
    This season the Twin Cities came out of its cocoon , and nowhere did it look better than in our Photobooths.
    10 images
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