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  • Banned PETA commercial tribute: Ladies in lettuce
    In tribute to the PETA commercial deemed too lewd for viewing during the Super Bowl, The Hot Dish salutes other "food friendly" PETA ads in this new slideshow. Hope you're ready for many a starlet with veggie-covered lady parts. BY MICHELLE LEON
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  • Norm Coleman's Retirement Plans
    Poor Norm — he just can’t accept the results of the election. Perhaps he’d be less reticent to accept defeat if he just thought of all the fun things he could do once he’s out of the Senate. To help our second-favorite Minnesota Senator out, we’ve come up with a list of things to keep Co...
    7 images
  • 'What's That? A Radiohead Project' at Trocaderos
    See the "world's most ambitious cover band" captured in action at the Minneapolis nightclub. PHOTOS BY KRIS DRAKE
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