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  • 10KLF Festival in Detroit Lakes high on tie-dye
    Let's just say it was a colorful event, featuring the likes of Widespread Panic and Trampled By Turtles, among others. PHOTOS BY DENIS JEONG PLASTER on July 25, 2009
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  • Coachella 2009: Day One
    Enjoy the sights and sounds of Coachella without ever breaking a sweat: Follow photographer Beth Stirnaman's first day, 4/17, at the annual Music and Arts Festival as she snaps shots of the fans and fanware of Noah and the Whale, M. Ward, the Black Keys, Conor Oberst, Franz Ferdinand, Leonard...
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  • Jamie Foxx gives smooth-as-silk performance at the Target Center
    We didn't know Foxx required a Target Center kind of venue, but looking at the actor/crooner on stage, he was born for shows like this. PHOTOS BY NICK VLCEK
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  • DIY-On-The-Fly: Kitchen beauty treatments
    Pamper yourself in the privacy of your home with our DIY-on-the-Fly tested recipes -- because nothing is more sexy than your face covered in avocado and oatmeal (Note: Always test recipes on a small patch of skin before using). PHOTOS BY STEVE NEUHARTH / WORDS BY MICHELLE LEON
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  • Freestyle Fashion: Grumpy's, MIA Bike Night, Mill City Museum
    Our fair city was not short on stuff to do last weekend with cultured events left and right. Even if the weather was crap, we captured interesting clothing layers and thicker textures usually reserved for back-to-school. PHOTOS BY EMILY UTNE / CAPTIONS BY STACEY TUTHILL
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  • (Almost) All Access: 223 Minnesotans set skinny-dipping record
    The Erotic Specialist Patrick Strait sets a skinny dipping record--with 222 of his closest friends. PHOTOS BY AVATAN
    13 images
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