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  • DIY-On-The-Fly: Make your own sensual products
    Michelle Leon tells you how to make cocoa butter body paint, fairy dust and flavored massage oil with products available at Whole Foods!
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  • Art preview: Elizabeth Peyton's rock n' roll iconography coming to Walker
    The work of photographer and painter Elizabeth Peyton spans centuries: Earlier subjects include historical figures such as Napoleon and Marie Antoinette, while mid-career pieces romanticize budding icons like Kurt Cobain and Sid Vicious. Later works focus on friends and acquaintances (mostly...
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  • DIY-On-The-Fly: Twinkie sushi!
    For all you crafty snack-masters, here is a new spin on an old favorite—Twinkies co-mingling with dried fruit, fruit roll-ups and candy, presented sushi-style. BY MICHELLE LEON
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