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  • Nikka Costa shines at the Varsity
    Nikka Costa has been under the radar since her brilliant 2002 release, and on Thursday at the Varsity, reminded us of her stunning growly vocal and sang tracks from both her proper debut and current follow-up.
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  • Club Shots: The divas of 'Miss Gay 90's Pageant'
    Our writer falls in love with with a drag queen. A diva vomits on stage. Could you ask for anything more from a sassy pageant? PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON
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  • D.I.Y. On-The-Fly: Making beef jerky vodka
    File this one under "not for everyone." But if you are a Bloody Mary fan, you just might love this recipe. Do you want a beefier Bloody? A meatier Mary? Making your own smoky-good beef jerky vodka is super easy. BY MICHELLE LEON
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