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  • St. Valentine's Funk N' Fashion Show poll: What clothing item can't you live without?
    The best of well-dressed thrifters and vintage shop-goers came out to The Lost and Found for the St. Valentine's Funk 'n Fashion show. Surrounded by fashions from both The Lost and Found and B-Squad Vintage, combined with the funky sounds of Rambo Salinas, it proved to be a good time. With all...
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  • Top 10 celebrity death hoaxes of the decade
    This week, the Vikings reported one of their former players, Orlando Thomas, had died. He, um, hadn't. Here are some other celebs who were thought to have been touched by the Grim Reaper but were not.
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  • Pres. Bush's 'Miss Me Yet?' billboard: the alternate slogans
    The Bush "Miss Me Yet" billboard has been buzzing around the Internet for a while now. The resounding response to the ad's question has been "Oh hell no!" so it's time for the billboard's author to change up the message a bit. Here's our suggestions. BY CP STAFF
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