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  • Club shots: Super-rowdy 'Get Cryphy' sells out the VIP Room
    Jimmy 2 Times, Mike 2600, Billy Ray Serious and Fundamentalist tore up the VIP Room on Friday night, when Minneapolis was in rare form. PHOTOS BY DENIS JEONG PLASTER
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  • The Casino Circuit - Once-Great Bands That Fell Far, But Kept On Truckin'
    With Bret Michaels coming into town this weekend to play the Grand Casino, and Jewel recently showing up at Mystic Lake, we thought it'd be a good time to celebrate some other formerly great artists that've been fated to fade out like the end of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - slow, repetitive,...
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  • Banned PETA commercial tribute: Ladies in lettuce
    In tribute to the PETA commercial deemed too lewd for viewing during the Super Bowl, The Hot Dish salutes other "food friendly" PETA ads in this new slideshow. Hope you're ready for many a starlet with veggie-covered lady parts. BY MICHELLE LEON
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  • Norm Coleman's Retirement Plans
    Poor Norm ó he just canít accept the results of the election. Perhaps heíd be less reticent to accept defeat if he just thought of all the fun things he could do once heís out of the Senate. To help our second-favorite Minnesota Senator out, weíve come up with a list of things to keep Co...
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  • 'What's That? A Radiohead Project' at Trocaderos
    See the "world's most ambitious cover band" captured in action at the Minneapolis nightclub. PHOTOS BY KRIS DRAKE
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  • All access: Yo! Majesty, Maria Isa, Tori Fixx in the studio
    Stop 1: Yo! Majesty show at T-Rock. Stop 2: An afterparty recording session at Shannon Blowtorch's studio, with a spicy collabo between Tori Fixx, Maria Isa and Shunda K. PHOTOS BY B FRESH PHOTOGRAPHY
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  • 10 Crappy Actors-Turned-Musicians (With Bonus Kevin Costner Photos)
    Kevin Costner wowed fans of his movies and bored fans of good music at the Cabooze this week. But the megastar isn't alone in his ill-conceived musical aspirations. Look below for photos from the concert, as well as photos and LYRICS (yes!!) from some other less-than-steller actors-turned-musicians.
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  • DIY-On-The-Fly: SuperBowl-worthy bloomin' onion & buffalo wings
    The blooming onion is a sports bar favorite. Just in time for the Super Bowl, DIY-On-The-Fly shows you how to prepare this fried sensation in your own home. Eat one in your sweats with a napkin bib! What? Thatís not enough? Letís make some buffalo wings, too! BY MICHELLE LEON
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  • Jewel now banished to casinos but shines at Mystic nonetheless
    Alaskan singer/songwriter and millennial princess Jewel shines in a green sparkly sweater and pleather leggings at Mystic Lake Casino, showing all in attendance what radio pop used to sound like before frickin' Katy Perry. PHOTOS BY STEVE COHEN
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