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  • Southside 'alien autopsy' house party gets into the spirit
    There were a ton of house parties going on throughout the Twin Cities on Halloween night -- here's pics from a fun one we hit up on the Southside, where the host revealed he had captured an alien and performed an alien autopsy on him in the basement. Sadistic revelers could probe his insides...
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  • Lynnhurst fire damages Patina, Heidi's and Blackbird
    A two-alarm fire raged Thursday in the building that houses the Patina retail store, as well as the restaurants Heidi's and Blackbird on 50th Street at Bryant Avenue in the city's Lynnhurst neighborhood. PHOTOS BY KATE NG SOMMERS (& CP STAFF) on Feb. 18, 2010
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  • Dungeons of Darkness and Doom haunted house
    "Intensely theatrical, and passionately committed to scaring guests beyond wildest dreams." We had to check out this haunted house in Robbinsdale for ourselves! PHOTOS BY JON BEHM on Oct. 30, 2009. More info:
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  • Occupations that haven't been turned into horror films - but should be
    Thus far in horror history, there's been killer clowns, fishermen, dentists - and friggin' tomatoes. But why not stretch the gamut into some of the world's most overlooked jobs. After all, there are hints of evil in almost anything work-related. Oh, the possibilities we hatch from our sick,...
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  • A Musical Salute to Bruce Allen at First Avenue
    The Suburbs guitarist passed away from health problems in December - First Ave hosted a touching tribute featuring the Suicide Commandos and the members of his band. February 13th, 2010. PHOTOS BY ALEXA JONES
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  • FAME homemade costume contest and runway show
    The highlight of the runway show was a line by Calpurnia Peach, while the costume contest brought in three finalists: A marionette, Michael Jackson, and a huge Twinkie. PHOTOS BY DENIS JEONG PLASTER on Oct. 29, 2009
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