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  • Coachella 2012: Weekend Two, Day One Music
    A look at the musicians who make Coachella such a special time from Friday, April 20. All photos by Merenda Carter.
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  • The Big Pink at 7th Street Entry
    This electro rock band from England is fast on the rise, surely to never play a venue as small as 7th Street Entry again. Their show had enough fog and strobe lights to fill an arena. PHOTOS BY STEVE COHEN on Nov. 25, 2009
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  • Celestial Lights at The Loft: Cloves, Johnny on Point, Bad'n'Rad
    Celestial Lights is a new monthly event at the Loft featuring Live Bands and Djs as well as live painting by local artists. This month's acts included Cloves, Johnny on Point, Bad'n'Rad, and more.
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  • The 15 Hottest Gig Posters at Flatstock 20
    The poster show in the Austin Convention Center gave SXSWers a break from all the noise -- and the chance to check out some erotic messiness.
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  • Coachella 2012: Weekend Two, Day One
    As the second weekend of Coachella kicked off, we checked out performances by Other Lives, Kendrick Lamar, EMA, James, Neon Indian, Gary Clark Jr, Girls, DoLab, Arctic Monkeys, M. Ward, Pulp, The Rapture, The Black Keys, M83, Refused, Swedish House Mafia, and Amon Tomin. All photos by Timothy...
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  • CP Month in Music: November 2009
    November was unseasonably hot, both weather and music wise. Check out some highlights in pictures. BY CP PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM
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  • Too Much Love's CP Photobooth: Spring is here!
    It's official, no more winter jackets at the club. Bring on the mini-dresses! PHOTOS BY DENIS JEONG PLASTER on March 27, 2010
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  • Coachella 2012: Temperatures Rise
    As temperatures broke triple digits at the Polo Fields, Coachella attendees had to get creative to beat the heat. The basic mantra: the less you're wearing, the better. All photos by Timothy Norris.
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  • Photobooth: All smiles at Too Much Love
    Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up on Saturday night with another night at First Avenue with Soviet Panda and Too Much Love. PHOTOS BY DENIS JEONG PLASTER on November 28, 2009
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  • Cheech & Chong promote legalization at State Theatre
    The reunited Cheech & Chong perform old favorites like "Dave's Not Here" at The State Theatre Friday night while also promoting Marijuana legalization. PHOTOS BY STEVE COHEN
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  • The Best Off-the-Radar Music Festivals
    With Coachella next week, the summer music festival season is officially beginning. And for outdoor live music, this country offers a lot more than just sweaty hipsters in Southern California. There are sweaty metalheads in Maryland, sweaty EDM dancers in Las Vegas and sweaty reggae lovers in...
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  • Gospel Gossip, Red Pens and Zoo Animal at Sauce
    Three of the most buzzed-about local bands take over Sauce's stage. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on November 28, 2009
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