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  • Rock 'n' Roll Detective Jim Berkenstadt shows us his collection
    Collector Jim Berkenstadt is so versed in rock history that the Beatles hired him to help piece together their story. Jim invited us into his home to look at some of his most valued treasures from over the years; read our interview with him here. PHOTOS BY NARAYAN MAHON.
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  • Tom Petters Trial: Audio Transcripts in Comics
    Tom Petters has a way with four-letter words, as we discovered when the Minnesota office of the U.S. Department of Justice released audio files and transcripts of conversations recorded by a wire worn by Petters associate and whistleblower Deanna Coleman. Here cartoonist Ken Avidor graphically...
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  • Wu-Tang Clan's 'Rebirth Tour' at Epic: All Access backstage
    Wu-Tang Clan's "Rebirth Tour" (presented by the Coughee Brothaz North) took the Twin Cities by killa-bee storm Sunday night at Epic Nightclub. City Pages braved the crowds to get exclusive on-stage and backstage bonus shots. PHOTOS BY B FRESH PHOTOGRAPHY on 1/9/11
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  • Wu-Tang Clan + MPLS 4eva: Rappers and fans show off their gear
    Coughee Brothaz North presented Wu Tang: The Rebirth Tour last night at Epic nightclub. Opening acts included The Coughee Brothaz North, Muja Messiah and Maria Isa, Meta, Johnny P, Drissola, Java-Starr, and Mod Sun. In between Wu Tang Clan's performances of classics, we caught the crowd rocking...
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  • Wu-Tang Clan at Epic
    The RZA-less Wu Tang Clan wound down their reunion tour at Epic late last night with opening acts L.A.D., Coughee Brothaz, Muja Messiah & Maria Isa, and Meta. Review here. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on January 9, 2011.
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  • Get Cryphy and Mike The 2600 King at Record Room
    The Get Cryphy family teamed up with Mike the 2600 King this month who came in mixed together an awesome set. Don't believe it was a good time? Take a look. PHOTOS BY KEVIN O'MEARA on Jan. 7, 2010
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  • Too Much Love at First Avenue 1/9/11
    On a cold January night in Minneapolis, young fans of the dancefloor converge to have a great time. PHOTOS BY CODY LIDTKE
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  • MC/VL's final show at 501 Club
    The party rap duo says goodbye to their fans and their band at the 501, which will also say sayonara very soon. PHOTOS BY NIKKI MILLER on 1.8.11
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  • Town Hall Tap: The tour
    The details of the 1800s antique bar and authentic vintage signs may catch your gaze, but go further and you'll find extensive taps on home brewed beers. Town Hall Tap cycles through more than 60 kegs of craft beers per week. A large part of their food ingredients are also purchased from small...
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  • Brother Ali at The Marriott on New Year's Eve
    With Hood Internet, BK One and more. PHOTOS BY SAM U 12/31/10
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  • Rice Paper: The tour
    Rice Paper recently moved from its tiny, tucked-away digs in Linden Hills, to a larger, more prominent spot at 50th and France. Besides a new sake list, much of the rest of its Southeast Asian menu will look familiar to fans. The tasty peanut dipping sauce is still the same--and its recipe...
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  • 20 Kisses at First Avenue on New Year's Eve
    What's more memorable than your New Year's Eve kiss? Check out these drool-worthy smooches we caught throughout the night at First Avenue's big Danceteria party. Photos by B FRESH Photography 12/31/10
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