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  • S. Carey at The Varsity Theater
    S. Carey played his softly entrancing tunes at the Varsity Theater on Friday night, a perfect accompaniment for the slowly falling snow outside. PHOTOS BY STACY SCHWARTZ on Jan. 15, 2010
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  • Dave King Trucking Company at the Loring Theater
    Dave King Trucking Company inaugurated the Loring Theater's return to music, art and film Saturday night with a performance melding experimental jazz and Americana. PHOTOS BY NIKKI MILLER on Jan. 16, 2010.
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  • David Allen Coe at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill
    David Allan Coe played Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill Thursday night to a sold-out room full of men in plaid shirts and lips full of chaw. PHOTOS BY NIKKI MILLER on 1/13/11
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  • Ozzy Osbourne at the Target Center
    Ozzy Osbourne brought his rescheduled madness back to a less than full but very enthusiastic Target Center Wednesday night. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on January 12, 2011.
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  • Nerds in Love: Dating for Nerds at Bulldog NE
    Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right Brain? Brainiac singles nerded-out Monday night at the Bulldog NE over a happy-hour drinks and some trivia questions like, "What was Revenge of the Nerds 4 called? "Nerds in Love" of course! Other social activities included eating tots, playing Would You Rather?,...
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  • Pizzeria Lola: The tour
    Pizzeria Lola serves up a slice of class in south Minneapolis. First-time restaurateurs Ann Kim and Conrad Leifur recently opened their pizza joint in the former Xerxes Market space, making 56th and Xerxes the hot new place to eat. PHOTOS BY EMILY UTNE Pizzeria Lola: 5557 Xerxes Ave....
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  • M.anifest visits Ghana
    M.anifest travels home to Ghana with local filmmaker Justin Schell to collaborate with his grandfather, poet J.H. Kwabena Nketia, as part of the forthcoming documentary We Rock Long Distance. Read our interview with M.anifest about his journey here. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN SCHELL.
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  • Rock 'n' Roll Detective Jim Berkenstadt shows us his collection
    Collector Jim Berkenstadt is so versed in rock history that the Beatles hired him to help piece together their story. Jim invited us into his home to look at some of his most valued treasures from over the years; read our interview with him here. PHOTOS BY NARAYAN MAHON.
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  • Tom Petters Trial: Audio Transcripts in Comics
    Tom Petters has a way with four-letter words, as we discovered when the Minnesota office of the U.S. Department of Justice released audio files and transcripts of conversations recorded by a wire worn by Petters associate and whistleblower Deanna Coleman. Here cartoonist Ken Avidor graphically...
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  • Wu-Tang Clan's 'Rebirth Tour' at Epic: All Access backstage
    Wu-Tang Clan's "Rebirth Tour" (presented by the Coughee Brothaz North) took the Twin Cities by killa-bee storm Sunday night at Epic Nightclub. City Pages braved the crowds to get exclusive on-stage and backstage bonus shots. PHOTOS BY B FRESH PHOTOGRAPHY on 1/9/11
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  • Wu-Tang Clan + MPLS 4eva: Rappers and fans show off their gear
    Coughee Brothaz North presented Wu Tang: The Rebirth Tour last night at Epic nightclub. Opening acts included The Coughee Brothaz North, Muja Messiah and Maria Isa, Meta, Johnny P, Drissola, Java-Starr, and Mod Sun. In between Wu Tang Clan's performances of classics, we caught the crowd rocking...
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  • Wu-Tang Clan at Epic
    The RZA-less Wu Tang Clan wound down their reunion tour at Epic late last night with opening acts L.A.D., Coughee Brothaz, Muja Messiah & Maria Isa, and Meta. Review here. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON on January 9, 2011.
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