Hola Arepa: The Tour

An undisputed fan favorite, it seemed inevitable that food truck Hola Arepa would spin its meals on wheels into a full-fledged restaurant. Start with the arepitas -- lightly fried arepa dough filled with chevre, chopped peppers, and served with quince jam -- and then move on to the shiitake cachapas, a sweeter, doughier corn cake that’s loaded with shiitake mushrooms, huitlacoche -- a.k.a “corn smut”, a fungus that’s regarded as a delicacy in Latin countries – creamy dollops of chevre, truffle oil, and a wobbly, just-barely poached egg. As for the arepas, the shredded beef and plantain version will win most hearts with its juicy, slightly spicy meat, a salty, pungent cheese, bright and crunchy pickled onions, and mushy sweet plantains, but there are also plenty of veggie-filled alternatives for vegan and vegetarian diners. Final tip: Don't skip the Latin-by-way-of-Midwest cocktails or the ridiculously addictive corn cookie ice cream sandwich. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES

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