Gluten-free Twin Cities: The tour

Like it or not, gluten-free has gone mainstream, and for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it’s great news. However, if you are in that camp (or just a fair-weather devotee of the diet), you’ve no doubt experienced the frustration of being limited to steak houses and salad bars when eating out, or worse yet, being told to “just get the burger without the bun.” Gluten-free options have certainly increased and improved to accommodate the rise in requests, but there are a few local spots that stand above the rest. From afternoon eats to after-dinner treats, here’s our guide to gluten-free Twin Cities. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES

Check out a ton of places to eat without wheat in our guide to going gluten-free in the Twin Cities!

Bittersweet Gluten Free Bakery
2105 Cliff Road, Eagan
651-686-0112 |

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