Get Cryphy Flyer Designs 2008-2012

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Mike "2600" Davis has been the official Get Cryphy flyer designer since their second party back in 2008. On the flyer aesthetic: "The word 'Cryphy,' still far from a Twin Cities household name at this point, reminded me of Tales from the Crypt. I started looking for images of a Tales from the Crypt Nintendo game. It didn't exist, but I found a Nightmare on Elm Street game for the Nintendo and used that graphic instead. There was a great response to it, so I just stuck with the Nintendo game theme for no other reason than there was no reason to stop doing it. Here we are some 50-ish flyers later."

Here's a selection of 2600's best flyers from the past five years.

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Published on February 5, 2013

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