Fresco's Pasta Bar and Sabbai Cuisine: The Tour

Two new restaurants have been added to Midtown Global Market's international food court. Fresco’s Pasta Bar is a build-your-own pasta concept from owner Danielle Gooderum. Customers can create their own chopped salads and pasta dishes with endless combinations of noodles, sauce, protein, and vegetables. They can also order dishes from Fresco's menu, such as polpetta, classic Italian meatballs in a marinara sauce; chicken carbonara; or creamy pancetta macaroni and cheese. Right next door is Sabbai Cuisine, owned by Cambodian-born Sothy K. Minh, who serves both Thai favorites like a kicky but still traditional pad Thai, red curry, and fiery papaya salad and Cambodian dishes like mee katang, a noodle dish with a sweet, garlicky sauce. Deep-fried, crispy spring rolls and astoundingly cheap cream cheese wontons round out the list of crowd-pleasers. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES.

Fresco’s Pasta Bar
Midtown Global Market, Stall 112
920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

Sabbai Cuisine
Midtown Global Market, Stall 114
920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

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