Freestyle Fashion: The Best of 2009

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Emily Utne & Stacey Tuthill

Xavi stuck to his staple summer look (cut off jean shorts) but added a classier flare with an 80s power blazer from Unique Thrift and bright white, nautical-inspired tennis shoes. The accessories really made this look stand out with a black bag, chunky owl necklace and Paul Frank tortoise frames from Visionary Optical in Uptown.

After lurking around parties, events and rock shows for the better half of 2009 to catch style in action, people are finally starting to get comfortable with Freestyle Fashion's intrusive ways. To honor those who graciously accepted the offer to showcase their unique style without fear, Freestyle Fashion has compiled a list of the most memorable people who make us look good by looking good. PHOTOS BY EMILY UTNE / CAPTIONS BY STACEY TUTHILL

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