Donut Cooperative in Minneapolis: The tour

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The long-awaited Donut Cooperative has seen lines out the door and demand outstripping supply since the day it opened. The co-op's fans show up to get their fix of amazingly unique treats like sea salt potato chip doughnuts with butterscotch caramel sauce. Many of its customers are also financial backers through the crowd-sourced venture capital website Kickstarter. Big donors got to create a custom-designed doughnut. The lingonberry doughnut was easy (and delicious). But head baker and menu designer Jacob Schumack is still working on the chili dog doughnut. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES.
Donut Cooperative: 2929 E. 25th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406 / (612) 516-3626. Read the review.

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