Day Block Brewing Company: The Tour

Taprooms are everywhere, but what we haven’t seen quite as much of is the growth of the true brewpub -- a brewery with a full-service restaurant component that also makes its own beer on site to sell directly to its diners. Enter Day Block Brewing Company. They’ve launched their business with a lineup of six beers ranging from an orange-scented, light golden Belgian witbier to the brooding and bold Day Block Black IPA, made with lots of hops for a weighty, resinous finish. As for food, Day Block is focused primarily on pizzas, and not the Neapolitan style that has dominated pizza ovens lately. These pies are breadier, with a less chewy crust that still has great flavor and a real lightness to it. Personal, plate-sized pies or bigger ones to share with the table are topped with globally influenced combinations, like the Taco Truck, made with marinated flank steak, paper-thin slices of radish, and cotija cheese; and the Hungry Hungarian, made with crumbles of sausage and smoky Hungarian bacon, a dill-spiked sour cream in lieu of tomato sauce, dots of mild ricotta, and thick semi-circles of pickled onion. A couple of salads and some fluffy beer pretzels, served warm with an intensely spicy, seedy mustard and a thick beer cheese sauce, round out the menu. PHOTOS BY ALMA GUZMAN

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Day Block Brewing Company
1105 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis

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