Canine pals: the lookalike test

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Every Sunday, Anne Hill stands her Old English Sheepdog, Jameson, on a table and brushes him for two hours. Her work pays off: At "Paws on Grand," passers-by were gathered around, grabbing at his long white coat. "People are always laughing when they see him," Hill says.

On Sunday, St. Paul's Grand Avenue turned into a pet promenade for Paws on Grand . For a twenty-block stretch between Fairview Ave. and Dale St., dogs of all kinds took over the sidewalk to get their portraits drawn, play games, and enjoy treats from even the more people-oriented businesses. We stopped by with a camera to check out some of the cutest pups, and to gauge the old chestnut of whether pets look like their owners (or vice versa). PHOTOS BY OLIVIA LAVECCHIA on Saturday, August 5, 2012.

Published on August 6, 2012

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