Buried Treasure: A region prepares for mining

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Jonathan Kaminsky

"Today, as the industrial age ebbs, and the technological age advances, the iron men are honored with a shrine that tells us they will never be forgotten." These words were written in 1987, and are inscribed at the foot of this statuethe self-proclaimed third-largest freestanding memorial in the countryin Chisholm, Minnesota. Two decades on, the sentiments seem premature. With skyrocketing commodities prices, taconite mining is resurgent. And a type of mining new to Minnesotafor copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, and palladium metalsis poised to revitalize aging and job-starved mining towns at the eastern edge of the Range.

After reading Jonathan Kaminsky's feature about mining in northeastern Minnesota, see images and read more about the planned sulfide mines. Also see Kaminsky's Reporter's Notebook.

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