Bee Free Honee: The Tour

Katie Sanchez, owner of Bee Free Honee, happened upon her miracle product almost entirely by accident, while she was trying to make apple jelly. The resulting apple-based product turned out amazingly close to the consistency and flavor of honey. When drizzled straight from the bottle, the only thing noticeable about Honee is that it has a little more tang to it than traditional honey. Everything from the color to the viscosity to the level of sweetness is remarkably similar. Plus, there’s no need to mess around with adjusting recipes or converting ratios like you do with brown rice syrup or agave syrup. One tablespoon of Honee equals one tablespoon of honey. It makes a great topping on vanilla or cinnamon ice cream, it’s amazing on or in cornbread, and it costs 30 to 60 cents less per ounce than traditional honey. Made with Midwest apples, lemon juice, and non-GMO vegan-friendly sugar, Bee Free Honee is a honey alternative for vegans and non-vegans alike. PHOTOS BY E. KATIE HOLM

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Bee Free Honee

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