7th Street Social: The Tour

West 7th Street, particularly the blocks more removed from the busy downtown area, is peppered with under-appreciated dive bars, longstanding family-run restaurants, and some hidden gems. 7th Street Social is a fresh but familiar addition with a mix of intimate two-tops, space to accommodate large groups, and spots at the bar where you can dine alone or watch the game with a buddy. The menu has enough meat-and-potatoes type dishes to make your grandparents comfortable, a few dishes that will intrigue your foodie friends, and a simple Margherita flatbread or plain griddled cheeseburger for the kiddos. Their shortcomings tend to cluster around the two big “S’s” -- service and seasoning -- so stick with the simplest things, which is what they seem to do best. Take a tour of the house-prepared proteins: Share the cured salmon plate, split the beautifully lean pastrami Reuben but ask for extra pink sauce on the side, and go crazy on their prime rib.

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7th Street Social
2176 W. Seventh St., St. Paul
651-330-4688; seventhstreetsocial.com

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