Zula Juice delivery service: 5 questions for owner Renee Peters

More fresh-pressed juice coming to the Twin Cities and right to your door
More fresh-pressed juice coming to the Twin Cities and right to your door
Courtesy Zula Juice

In the last few years, the Twin Cities have seen a major boom in the craft beer industry, but recently a new wave of beverage is stealing focus: Raw, fresh-pressed juice.

Whole Foods and the Wedge Co-op have sold fresh fruit and vegetable juices for some time, but the major trend on the coasts is blade-free, totally raw juicing, and it's slowly spread to the middle of the country. With places like Truce Juice in Uptown paving the way, more local juice outfits are starting to spring up. Bloomington-based Zula Juice, which just officially launched last week, is one of them.

The Hot Dish caught up with Zula Juice's founder and owner Renee Peters to learn more about raw juicing, Zula's cleanses, and whether or not we're in the delivery zone.

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Hot Dish: How did you get started with juicing and how was Zula born?

Renee Peters: Juicing became a part of my daily life about six years ago after the birth of my fourth child. I had my first green juice and it made me feel totally euphoric and refreshed. Over time my energy improved. I could run longer, my skin looked better, and I was no longer relying on my local barista to get my day going. For me, a personal side benefit of embracing a juicing lifestyle was learning to slow down and rest.  
Zula was born out of my desire to make the raw juicing lifestyle convenient. You don't always have time or the amount of produce it takes to juice at home. My overall goal is to create a community of real people who are passionate about health, serious about fun, and driven to inspire positive change.

HD: One unique feature of Zula is your delivery service component. When does this start and what is your delivery zone? Is there a minimum purchase for deliveries?  

RP: In my opinion, the only thing better than drinking raw, organic juice on a daily basis is having someone else press the juice and hand-deliver it you.  So our cleanses and build-your-own juice maintenance  six-packs are available for delivery from Monday to Friday with no order minimum. 

Our zone for free delivery is within 15 miles of the 55117 zipcode, but we'll be increasing our delivery zones in the coming months. You can just place your order online and we'll press and deliver your juice to you at your home or office.  If you happen to be outside the delivery zone you can still place orders for pickup.

HD: Does Zula have a physical storefront where someone can come in and buy a single bottle of juice? 

RP: To make the Zula lifestyle convenient, it is our goal to be where our customer is. We do not have a physical storefront but our juice is fresh-pressed locally in St. Paul. Our model is to have the delivery component and also to show up at events where we sell individual bottles and give out samples. The next one we are doing is the  Lululemon RUN: Twin K event on Saturday in St. Paul. 

HD: You offer some specially designed cleanses. What are the different levels of juice cleanses?

RP: We feature two cleanse variations that can be ordered as a 1-, 2-, or 3- day cleanse.  Both cleanses are made up of six juices to be consumed daily.  

The Classic Cleanse was created to flood your body with a variety of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that have been shown to provide disease-fighting benefits and are known for their detoxification properties. Then there's the Founder's Cleanse with the veteran juicer in mind, in which three of the six juices are green juices. I am all about drinking my greens, especially while cleansing.

All our juices are raw (unpasteurized), made from 100% organic produce and certified Kosher by locally-owned Blue Ribbon Kosher. Zula juices and cleanses are different from those you find in the grocery store (even some of those that are marketed as fresh-pressed and raw) because our juices are pressed and delivered within one day of being juiced.  

HD: What can a customer expect from a Zula cleanse?

RP: Cleanse results vary and depend on many factors.  Many people report weight loss, less bloating, a renewed sense of self, and overall sense of well-being.  

For the best results, I recommend being proactive about your cleanse and cleanse preparation. That means clean up your diet a few days prior to cleansing by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, fried foods, red meat, dairy, white pastas, and breads, and be prepared to rest. Also you should try to cleanse when your schedule isn't especially demanding.  

In addition to the health benefits, juice cleansing can be a great time to get back in touch with yourself, recalibrate your taste buds and jumpstart a new lifestyle.  

To find out where more about Zula delivery, individual juice blends, and Zula's upcoming events, check out Zula Juice on Facebook.

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