Zipp's Spring Wine Tasting going down tonight

Ever been to one of Zipp's seasonal wine tastings? This time around things are a little bit different. For starters, location. Tonight's spring tasting will take place at the Eagles Club rather than the previous years' Cedar Cultural Center. Those of you who have been to both venues know that the Eagles Club has a bit more, how shall we say, character? Fortunately, that means if you get sick of all the Miles-like characters, you can duck into the adjacent, darkened bar for some pulltabs and a cold Premium.

Another difference will be the food. As in the past, Seward Co-op will be catering -- the spread will include pork and duck terrines, chicken pate, housemade sausage, fruits, nuts, olives and a couple other things -- but for the first time, they'll be pairing six different cheeses (three of them local) with some of the wines. Here's the details on that:

1. Truffle Tremor goat cheese (from Cypress Grove in California) will be paired with Helfrich Pinot Gris (Alsace, France).

2. Quadrello di Bufala (Italian buffalo mozzarella) will be paired with Trivento Malbec (Argentina).

3. Epoisses, a pungent, French cheese will be paired with the sparkling Vollereaux Brut out of the Burgundy region of France. According to Zipp's Jeff Kycek, at $28 per bottle on sale, the brut is one of the best deals being offered at the tasting.

4. PastureLand cheddar (Goodhue, Minn.) will go with a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand called Mohua, a new wine to the Twin Cities. Kycek says it has only been available around here the last month or so.

5. Dolcina gorgonzola, an Italian-style gorgonzola from Plymouth, Wis.'s Sartori Reserve will be offered with Graham's Six Grapes port.

6. Dante, a sheep's milk cheese made by the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative, will be paired with California's Guenoc Claret, a Bordeaux blend of cabmernet and merlot.

There will be 14 tables at the event hosted by different distributors, each offering 5-9 different wines. Kycek says there will be an emphasis on whites.

Admission is $25. Tickets are available at Zipp's or at the door. All wines are on sale.

Happy happy spring!

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