Zimmern's book "The Bizarre Truth" out today


Did you know Andrew Zimmern had a book -- his first -- coming out? Neither did we. "The Bizarre Truth," which essentially sounds like it'll be a literary combo of his two shows "Bizarre Foods" and "Bizarre World" (presumably with flashy and/or gross-out photos) is out on shelves today. You gotta credit the guys mad marketing skillz.

Here's how the Travel Channel describes the book:

This, his first book, is a chronicle of his journeys while hosting his Travel Channel series, as he not only tastes the "taboo treats" of the world but delves deep into the cultures and lifestyles of far-flung locales and seeks the most prized goal of the modern traveler: The Authentic Experience. Written in the smart, often hilarious voice he uses to narrate his television shows, Zimmern uses his adventures in "culinary anthropology" to illustrate such themes as: why visiting local markets can reveal more about destinations than museums; the importance of going to the "last stop on the subway" -- the most remote area of a place where its essence is most often revealed; the need to seek out and catalog "the last bottle of Coca-Cola in the desert," i.e., disappearing foods and cultures; the profound differences between dining and eating; and the pleasures of snout to tail, local, fresh and organic food.

Coffee table book? Bathroom book? Gift for the foodie with everything? Gift for the glutton with everything? We can't place who the market is for this book. Maybe all of the above? Whaddya say? You gonna buy it?