Zimmern takes another shot

Zimmern takes another shot

An Ohio artist has launched a series of potshot sites leveled at a random assortment of celebrities and showcasing everyone's favorite non-dirty dirty word: balls. Eating balls, in fact. I think you know where this is going.

So who to our wondering eyes should appear, but Mpls.St.Paul Magazine food writer, Travel Channel bizarre food show guy and local punching bag Andrew Zimmern. Check this out.

While the other sites target fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Vanity Fair magazine and Barack Obama, the original idea seems clearly derived from and built around disdain for Zimmern.

And what makes Zimmern's site probably - and obviously - the funniest is that in any given photo, it's possible that the guy is actually popping iguana testicles or something equally revolting.

I like the last pic best, of Z with fellow celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain.

The sites are in the vein of 2008's popular (and more reverent) and its associated hit-or-miss offshoots (I think this one is best), though with a bawdier, and ok, nuttier, angle (sorry).

Call me Pollyanna, but Andrew Zimmern really seems like a perfectly acceptable and decent human being. That being said, this is pretty funny, and we're just, like, the messenger, man.

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