Zen revises menu from pan-Asian to exclusively Chinese


Chopsticks remain the utensil du jour but these days you're more likely to be spearing dan dan noodles or Szechuan green beans than pho or pad Thai at Zen. TC Foodies reports that the Lyn-Lake restaurant recently hired a new chef and completely reoriented its menu from pan-Asian to Chinese -- Szechuan and Hunan cuisine specifically.

The site has an admiring view of the shift, going so far as to call it "nirvana" in one of its two recent posts about the restaurant. Some useful details:

The lunch specials are a good deal - choice of soup, appetizer and entree with rice for $7.25, with seafood entrees $1 more. I selected the hot and sour soup (lively), a pair of potstickers, and the shredded pork with smoked bean curd, a mildly spicy but intensely flavorful stirfry of shredded meat, tofu, red peppers and green onions.

Szechuan cuisine is experiencing a bit of an uptick in recent months with the addition of two new places -- Grand Szechuan in Bloomington and Szechuan in Roseville -- to flank regulars like St. Paul's Little Szechuan, Chanhassen's Tian Jin and Plymouth's Tea House.

Interested to see where Zen falls in among them all.