Zagat releases 2010 survey results


Minneapolis diners match the national average exactly in several of the main categories of the latest Zagat Survey released yesterday: the percent of meals we eat out (48 percent), the average number of restaurant meals we eat per week (3.2), and the average tip we leave (19.1 percent). We rated one percent shy of the 65 percent average national support for banning trans fats.

Our favorite restaurants, according to surveyors:

1. La Belle Vie

2. 112 Eatery

3. Alma

4. Lucia's

5. Vincent

No surprises here, but the status quo is what Zagat's consumer guides are all about, with their philosophy that "the shared opinions of thousands of avid consumers with real experiences are inherently more accurate than the opinions of just one or two critics." More accurate, sure, but therefore more suitable to less adventurous, more cautious eaters? If Zagat's were travel guides, they would be, say Fodor's as opposed to Lonely Planet, no? Thoughts?

NOTE: It looks like you can only snag the summary on Zagat's site. The guide in full costs $15.95. Boo.