Yup, that was Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph wrapping burritos at Chipotle last night

But did his burrito wrapping skills match his on-the-field ones?

But did his burrito wrapping skills match his on-the-field ones? Second Harvest Heartland

“I’m a frequent [visitor] at Chipotle in Wayzata,” Kyle Rudolph told Pioneer Press back in 2015. “They pretty much know me by name now, so that’s one of my favorite places to go get food.”

And it doesn’t look like anything’s changed in the two years since. Seriously, the dude loves him some fast-casual burritos: 

So it’s entirely unsurprising that Rudolph was -- once again -- at the chain's Wayzata location last night. Except this time, the Pro Bowl TE was behind the counter, working the line to support the St. Paul-based hunger relief organization Second Harvest Heartland. Minnesota and North Dakota Chipotles donated 50 percent of yesterday’s profits to the nonprofit, which provides food access to the hungry with the help of community partners.

Second Harvest's corporate partnership officer Amanda Pieper says the group already had a relationship with the Vikings and with Rudolph, specifically, so the connection just made sense.

“We thought, 'Oh, duh,' ... because he just loves Chipotle,” Pieper says simply. "He definitely didn't put up a protest when we asked him." Rudolph had tweeted out a few clues about which of the chain's locations he'd be visiting -- but honestly, where else could he have shown up than his Wayzata staple?

As for whether Rudolph has a future in the burrito-making biz, Pieper laughs. "The first one was a little bit shaky, I'm not gonna lie. He's a football player, so he has gigantic hands." But by the third or fourth, he was making the most of those massive paws, only tripping up on one "water balloon" -- Pieper says that's the employees' term for a wrap where you don't drain the sauce out of beans first.

Either way, it's probably one of the first times people weren’t upset when they stepped up to the counter and learned that guac costs extra.