Yumzar moves the farmers market online -- but will shoppers follow?

If the farmers market isn't your scene, but you're still on the hunt for locally made foods, Yumzar might have a solution for you.

The online farmers market based in Minnesota launched in March and was co-founded by Steven Lauder, Abbey Smalley, and Michael Otto. The site offers an array of locally produced goods and operates all year round, so come winter you can still get your favorite Minnesota-made treats delivered right to your door.

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The site has over 100 different items for sale, all grown or produced by Minnesotans. Looking for Butcher & The Boar's cheddarwurst but not sure your local Lunds will have it in stock? Interested in Turkey Hill Apiary Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey or a taste of Gray Duck Chai? Yumzar has you covered. And though you won't get the face-to-face experience of buying directly from a producer, you can read about each of the local brands on the site -- a chance to learn about the people behind the products.

"We try to make the site not so much a store, but more a place where people can connect with other people," Lauder says. "We try to make it a lot like going to the farmers market. You want to meet the person, you want to hear their story, you want to try their food. We try to emulate that with the site, which brings their stories to life."

Once the consumer purchases the items online, they are shipped (for free if the order total exceeds $50) to their house and show up within a day for those who live in the upper Midwest. Food sent to California or New York should show up within two days.

While we don't see this replacing the experience of a good old fashioned farmers market, it's a nice service to have should you find yourself unable (or too lazy) to head to market.

"People really love the idea of buying local and supporting people. Real people making real food," Lauder says. "Who doesn't love that?"

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