You're invited: A final farewell celebration at Bonnie's Cafe, Saturday

Bonnie's Cafe will say goodbye to their loyal clientele on Saturday.

Bonnie's Cafe will say goodbye to their loyal clientele on Saturday.

Last week, we reported on the demise of Bonnie's Cafe, a nearly 40-year University Avenue institution. When we left, the final days and hours of the cafe were hanging in the balance. Bonnie's daughter and current manager Becky Moosbrugger was unsure how long she would have the keys to the door.

The news has arrived. Tomorrow (Saturday, March 26) will be the final service at Bonnie's, and they want you to be there.

A letter from Moosbrugger: 

"It will be the devastating final day of business, final homemade meal served, final cup of coffee (with a teardrop or two), but just as good. Bonnie's Cafe has been home to many, a comfortable place for a quick cup of coffee, a hot, quality, homemade meal; and without fail, an inviting and welcoming place with exceptional customer service. A place that you can walk in alone, and more times than not, end up joining the conversation at the table next to you, and walk out with a few new friends.

It's a shame, a devastating loss to so many, an ending to such a warm, kind, lighthearted, joyful place, filled with friends, family, love, and multiple "Best Diner," "Best Breakfast," and "Best Lunch" awards. 

Rare, historic, nostalgic, good old-fashioned, down-home cooking. Created with love, prayer, hard work, and dedication, mom's passion was never work to her. 

We're all family, been there through bad and good, deaths, welcoming the births of many new lives and generations. But never, in a million years, did I ever imagine this would be what closed our doors. After so many "real" hardships, money and greed is what broke us. 

All my life, my mom made everything better. Whenever I, or anyone was feeling down, they went to mom and without fail, we walked away and everything was better. I don't know how she did it, but she did. She made sure you believed in yourself and the situation would work itself out.

She had an intense amount of love for other people's happiness, a gift that needed to be spread, and shared with others. She was a strong, intelligent, giving, independent woman, and giving to others gave her more joy than if you handed her a million dollars.

She never said no or turned anyone away. She couldn't help it, she gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. If she thought someone needed help, food, clothing, vehicles, she wouldn't sleep 'til she could do something about it. Her life's calling was to spread her gift of love and guidance. Even though at times she was taken for granted, in her heart, she didn't see or care . 

There will be a celebration in honor of the legacy and life of Bonnie and Bonnie's Cafe on Saturday. We welcome and call on everyone to stop by for our opportunity to serve a final legendary homemade meal. Forty years of great memories, special events and experiences, and lifetime friendships. We've survived many struggles with the support of our dedicated customers. 

Bonnie's Cafe 

2160 University Ave., W., St. Paul