Your children might be eating better than you


Vegetarian mixed salad served in Minneapolis public schools.

Wha? Did I just spend 20 minutes reading slash semi-drooling over the school food being eaten by the children I don't have?

Check this: St. Paul kiddos get to choose from things like pad Thai, chicken suqaar and apple cherry cinnamon bread. In Minneapolis, they get Asian turkey salad, Philly cheesesteak and romaine salad.

St. Paul's school chow got a nod over the weekend in a Associated Press article about new federal standards on school nutrition.

And Minneapolis school food, which got panned last year in a national study, is on the rebound according to a recent Southwest Journal article.

The new mandate requires school food to meet certain nutritional standards in order for school districts to get funding for free and reduced meals.

You can menu spy like me by going here and here.